“Welcome to the APOCALYPSE!” A Junkrat & Roadhog Netflix Series.

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So I was watching the Junkrat and Roadhog short “Junkertown: The Plan” again the other day and thought to myself, self, “I would watch this if it was an actual show,” as I think every time I re-watch the video. So I thought we should start a petition to let Activision/Blizzard know that it’s not just me but everyone agrees this should be a thing. It could be a limited series or multi season show and it could be about just them stealing stuff or hanging out in Australia or how they cross paths with several of the other heroes of Overwatch that we know currently. Let’s be honest there are a lot of good characters in Overwatch but these two have the most personality between them and could really get into some hilarious hi-jinks. They currently have their own lego set so it could be a lego series as well. XD

Anyway that’s my totally non-committal pitch for the show. I mean come on it would be awseome.

“Everythings coming up explodey!” Junkrat.

~Big Fisch

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  1. I would enjoy seeing this as a show for Netflix,seeing them would be awesome, being able to see the relationship they have maybe change and adapt overtime, they are awesome characters with alot of potential.

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