Firefighter Junkrat petitions to help Australia

XWheelchairgamer on instagram has hopped onboard the help Australia through Overwatch by creating a firefighter Junkrat skin that could be potentially sold by Blizzard with the donations going to directly support Australia as it is suffering major casualties from wild fires spreading across the country.

The movement to ask Blizzard to create a paid skin started trending on Reddit and was soon caught on by the community even many of the popular creators asking Activision / Blizzard to make this happen.

Australia is on fire and thousands of animals have died, millions of acres of land are now charred and still burning. For most of us it is winter time but for them it is summer time now and there is little rain and the temperature continues to climb.

Let’s continue to ask Blizzard to help Australia by signing a petition to sell a skin to help those Australians in need. Please click the link and sign it. – Link for the petition