New Overwatch AI hackers are terrifying players

A new threat emerges in Overwatch and it’s not an Overwatch League player… yet. Discovered by player RedshellOW and reported by ohnickel (videos below) there is a new AI controlled hacker in Overwatch murdering thousands.

Video explanation from ohnickel

The bot is easy enough to spot if you are watching for it. Because is is not human controlled you can clearly see it running into walls and auto aiming without even a flick.

Here’s the original post from RedShellOW

The bot is controlled to follow a second “hacker” in this case Reinhardt. Noted that the Reinhardt was also using cheats or hacks as well.

The Overwatch team has stated last week they are working on “new” hacker or cheater solutions but it is clear the hackers are one step ahead of them.

Stay safe out there.