New Overwatch AI hackers are terrifying players

A new threat emerges in Overwatch and it’s not an Overwatch League player… yet. Discovered by player RedshellOW and reported by ohnickel (videos below) there is a new AI controlled hacker in Overwatch murdering thousands.

Video explanation from ohnickel

The bot is easy enough to spot if you are watching for it. Because is is not human controlled you can clearly see it running into walls and auto aiming without even a flick.

Here’s the original post from RedShellOW

The bot is controlled to follow a second “hacker” in this case Reinhardt. Noted that the Reinhardt was also using cheats or hacks as well.

The Overwatch team has stated last week they are working on “new” hacker or cheater solutions but it is clear the hackers are one step ahead of them.

Stay safe out there.


Overwatch explained…

A video compilation of movies and television explaining Overwatch over the years.

Theses are just a few I had posted to youtube over the years. Do you have a favorite video where someone explained Overwatch with another video post it in the comments below.


New Glitch in Overwatch TILTS players!

New Overwatch Glitch found with the newest Shield Nerf patch in overwatch by Greenofthethyme on his stream yesterday.
To perform the glitch Mei puts her wall on the door of the airship as it is descending. Once the door is down you should see the side of the wall facing up.
Jump directly onto the side of the wall.
Mei can collapse the wall and your character will fall to the ground and be at a weird angle.
From this angle your character can fly because technically your feet are not attached to the ground.
Also it is hilarious.

Be careful out there heroes, don’t get tilted. XD


Hackers, Hack Overwatch introduce “magic bullet” then plays Hanzo to no one noticing.

Magic Bullet – not just for mixing drinks anymore

A few weeks ago OverwatchPD on twitter reported on a new aim hack called magic bullet.

When used properly it may be hard to tell if they are using this hack. However we now know that if used randomly it can kill through walls and possibly from the other side of the map.
It is unsure if it only works with Hanzo since he can produce a one shot kill. We will continue to investigate this and update this as a thread as more information becomes available.
Bilzzard should be able to shut this down quickly but until that happens, stay safe out there heroes.