Florida Man uses Overwatch to get revenge

Larry Opal, age 36

Larry Opal, age 36, Orlando, Florida, was arrested Tuesday after he ran into his ex-wife’s place of employment dressed as a character named D.Va, from the popular video game Overwatch and tossed a trash bag full of animal droppings at the receptionist area where she was sitting.

“He ran in through the front doors past security and screamed, ‘Nerf This!’ threw the trash bag at me and ran out,” Emily “the ex-wife” said.

Luckily for the office the trash bag didn’t break open until one of the office workers was taking it outside. “It was everywhere,” said Jim Adams, “and then I threw up.”

Larry escaped past security but was later apprehended at his friends house 5 miles from the office complex and charged with several counts of misdemeanor.