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A video compilation of movies and television explaining Overwatch over the years.

Theses are just a few I had posted to youtube over the years. Do you have a favorite video where someone explained Overwatch with another video post it in the comments below.


Overwatch League Change Teams Colors because “Jeff Told us to.”

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As of today two of the Overwatch League teams have changed their entire team color scheme. Yesterday the Florida Mayhem changed from McDonald’s color scheme of yellow and red to Miami Vice Colors of Pink, Black and white. Today the LA Valiant changed from green and gold to light blue and yellow (like the Chargers football team).

In my opinion; Mayhem change was a good one and to be honest needed it and the Valiant change is gross and completely unnecessary.

Well logically one could say, wow two teams changing colors, well that’s all new merchandising to sell so it’s an obvious cash grab.

But in an undocumented and completely unreliable source tells Game Watch Today that the teams have changed colors because Jeff Kaplan is using the Overwatch League teams to launder dirty money he makes by selling illegal copies of “Lost Vikings” and also unused Overwatch source code to arms dealers telling them they are “missile arming codes”. The color change is the equivalent of changing your hair color and growing a beard to the FBI, on the outside you see them doing something to distract from what’s really happening behind the scenes.

Expect more (if not all of the) teams to change colors before the league starts back up in 2020.


Trending: Minecraft, Fortnite, Overwatch, Call of Duty

The graph shows the top search terms for these 4 video games over the last 5 years on google.

Minecraft is the obvious winner, never really losing steam and even making a comeback as of last year and regaining the top position over Fortnite in the last months of 2019 with the new update. It was the most popular in December of 2015.

Fortnite has been the fan favorite over the past 2 years hitting the scene in 2017 and then picking up a lot of steam in 2018, finally hitting its peak in October 2019 (when Chapter 2 was dropped) and quickly falling out of most peoples radar again.

Overwatch has maintained consistent numbers although it looks lower than the other two beastly numbers. The trend of Overwatch is dying is simply not the case, true fans have been around and continue to be loyal to the game. Overwatch had it’s peak when the game released. Expect another peak when Overwatch 2 is released.

Call of Duty I put on the map as the constant. the obvious old guard of FPS video games has achieved some success with its new mobile game but it seems to be a niche game that die-hard fans come back to much like Counter-Strike and other games of this genre.

search trends can be found at www.trends.google.com

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