The internet reacts to “Overwatch Hero bans”

Yesterday we got the news that the Overwatch dev team is working on something big. That “something” could be hero bans. And today the internet has spoken.

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Basically hero bans in a game like Overwatch could be presented a few different ways (for those of you that have never played games with them before). The idea is that when you play a game certain heroes durrIng that particular game or series of games you play that day are banned or locked out of play and you will not be allowed to play those heroes. It could be just for that game or a day or a whole season it depends on how it’s implemented. Most people refer to the League of Legends way of Champion selection and ban where it only lasts that match and you vote what hero gets banned that game however you get to see who everyone is picking beforehand (it’s a little more involved but that’s the easy explanation).

The people have spoken, some for it and some against and some are just confused.


A few comments from Instagram

From stylosa video on hero bans from YouTube

Reading through some of the reddit comments were boring and no one really brought up any new arguments.

Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts on a hero ban system?


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