Overwatch 2 will feature Tesla Cybertruck in vehicle missions.

Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Cybertruck to the world yesterday. Today we get more news in a dramatic turn towards video game advertising as Blizzard will feature the Cybertruck in an Overwatch 2 mission that will involve some kind of new driving mechanic.

Elon was vocal on twitter about playing Overwatch when it first released, unreliable sources, say this was a good idea and Blizzard gets hella advertising dollars out of the deal.

There was no comment from the Ford PR team as they are probably upset and crying they didn’t choose one of their cars to be in game. Ford is a sponsor of Overwatch League.

Another unreliable source tells us that the dev team isn’t excited about adding a vehicle into the game but they do what they are told.

This announcement comes just as Jeff Kaplan said they had no plans to add vehicle modes into the game.


This is a totally fake news report.

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