Overwatch 2 will have a special Top 500 Ranked Game Mode

A new development in the news for Overwatch 2 today as we find out that it will have a special game mode for Top 500 Competitive Ranked Players.

“One you reach Top 500 status on Competitve it unlocks a special ranked mode,” an unidentifiable Blizzard employee named Heff Laplan says. “This mode will be updated daily and will fulfill any complaints any of the Top 500 players have about the game.” Heff goes on to make reference about the current Orb-gate controversy and says, “things like the Moira orb would be changed based on Top 500 feedback alone because no one really cares about sub 4k ranked players opinion anyway.”

This new “division” of the player base could benefit everyone bc plebs don’t want to play with Pro Overwatch League players and OWL players don’t have to go to jail for trash talking to a 10 year old.



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