New Overwatch Gamescom 2018 content reveal.

Tomorrow August 22, 2018 we will get possible 2 new Overwatch animated shorts, lego set reveal, and nerf guns, oh and also possible a new map in the game.

Yesterday @playoverwatch tweeted. 

So we at least are being promised one new short. But who will it be about.
Most people think that it will be D.Va because (everyone has been asking for her backstory since the game launch) the Overwatch team is in Korea at the Overwatch fan event to announce the new story…

We will likely see something with a tropical theme if it is a map or a story we got a glimpse of the Overwatch booth at gamescom 2018 from Hammeh today on twitter.

D.Va, Tracer, Mercy, Genji and Lucio all on surfboards could mean anything but we could get a short about any one of them.
If we get a D.Va short let’s hope they show the giant omnic sea robot!

Also we had revealed they will be discussing the partnership with Nerf (Hasbro) and Lego. We may see live demos of the nerf guns or lego set reveals could be in our future. If we remember last week lego launched the Overwatch section of their website with a teaser splash page.

And today @playoverwatch tweeted this

Revealed by Hammeh today on his instagram story was a video of the new DOOMFIST statue so there’s that also…

Last year we got 2 shorts (Mei and Junkertown) so here’s to hoping for a whopping load of Overwatch and Blizzard content dropped on us tomorrow. Follow gamewatchtoday on twitter and instagram for up-to-minute news and reveals.

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