Blizzard bans 1487 Korean players from Overwatch

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Blizzard Korea has banned 1,487 player accounts from Overwatch due to account sharing. 

Following the account sanctions for bad user / non-seller actors , we are pleased to inform you that the account sanction for the 11 seasons before the competition (account sharing) ** has been processed. Blizzard Entertainment is committed to creating a fair and positive game environment for our players. Below are the numbers and lists of accounts that have been deliberately manipulated during the 11 seasons before the Overwatch competition, or have been suspended for agents acting to interfere with or otherwise interfere with the normal operation of the game.

If you always We say of him every player gives to send a lot of feedback through the announcements and Overwatch Community Thanks again, have you ever even seen a player is not allowed third party external programs, agency activities such as inhibiting the gaming players Report feature 45 or please tip in.

Don’t be giving your account for people to “level up”, “loot box farm”, “boost your account” or “raise your Competitive Season Rank (SR)” you will be in violation of terms and get account ban. The “sharing” ban hammer applies to all countries.

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