Top 10 Viewed Overwatch videos on YouTube

Here the the list counting down the top 10 most viewed Overwatch Videos on YouTube.

  1. No Mercy
    66 million views

2. Overwatch Rap Battle
53 million views

3. Overwatch Animated Short: Dragons
33 million views
Playoverwatch (official)

4. Overwatch Vs TF2 [SFM]
26 million views
The Winglet

5. Overwatch Song | The Reaper | #nerdout
26 million views

6. Overwatch Animated Short | “Infiltration”
20 million views
Playoverwatch (official)

7. Overwatch Animated Short | “The last Bastion”
19 million views
Playoverwatch (official)

8. Overwatch Animated Short | “Honor and Glory”
17 million views
Playoverwatch (official)

9. Overwatch Animated Short | “Hero”
16 million views
Playoverwatch (official)

10. Overwatch Cinematic Trailer
15 million views
Playoverwatch (official)

Most of the videos come from the official Overwatch channel but the ones at the top have captured memes and hearts alike as the official / unofficial music videos about Overwatch. I mean I would pick Tracer but I’m already Tracer…


Top 10 Overwatch Art posts on Reddit

Overwatch has some amazing fans and even more amazing fans that contribute art to the community. Here is the Top 10 fan Overwatch fan arts voted on

1. Sombra

2. Free Hong Kong Mei

3.Tracer fan skin

4. Summer Widowmaker

5. Pirate Widowmaker

6. OW2 Tracer

7. Overwatch wood carving

8. Brigitte Line Art

9. Casual (Skater) Mercy

10. Neon D.Va

Of course there is Overwatch art everywhere on the internet this is a tiny segment of it. Some is amazing and some is definitely NSFW. Which is your favorite art or who is your favorite Overwatch artist?


Overwatch 2 Report: Jeff reveals more details on story cinematics

Overwatch 2 Lucio

We got a new bit of information on the Overwatch 2 cinematics that will be included in the story missions on the forums from none other than Jeff Kaplan himself. November 2019 Blizzard had a playable “demo” version of Overwatch 2 at Blizzcon (see ohnickel play-through video below for reference). During this demo of the story mode there were cinematic (cut-scenes) before and after the mission that advanced the story / lore of the Overwatch universe (post zero hour).

Overwatch 2 first story mission demo

Durring Blizzcon Jeff stated that the demo map ends on a cliffhanger but “spoiler alert” Lucio doesn’t die. In a forum post he extended this comment…

Jeff Kaplan: “Both the introduction and outro that we showed at Blizzcon were not the final pieces. The planned introduction is a little bit longer. The planned outro (which is still in development and we were reviewing yesterday) is much longer and not intended to be a cliff hanger. Spoiler alert: Lucio doesn’t die. For Blizzcon, we could only final so many shots… so we did an abbreviated cliffhanger for the demo. The final piece is much longer and shows Lucio’s rescue as well as “more awesome story stuff” that sets up the next mission.
We appreciate the feedback and glad you’re asking for more and not less ;]”

WyomingMyst (asked): Jeff, will every mission in Overwatch 2 have an intro and outro?

Yes. not all will be the same lengths or carry the same level of importance… but for now, the plan is yes, intro/outro for all story missions

See the fourm post Here

Zero Hour cinematics

We have a lot to look forward to with the release of Overwatch 2. Hopefully Activision / Blizzard will follow suit of many other game companies (example: CD Projekt delays Cyberpunk 2099 for 4 months for more play testing) and holds back the release until it is 1000% ready, instead of pulling a UbiSoft and release it because they need money. Anyone that follows Blizzard knows they will release it when they are ready which is why we got no definitive date on release yet. Stay tuned here for all the latest Overwatch 2 details.

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