Interview with Overwatch Streamer HOLIWHIRL


I recently sent questions to Holiwhirl and asked what it’s like to be an Overwatch twitch streamer.

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GWT: What is the reason you started playing Overwatch?

Holiwhirl: I used to be a big fan of playing the Call of Duty series on console. When I was about 16 I got my first PC and got massively into Dota 2 and played that for around 4 years.I’ve always enjoyed PvP competitive nature. When I saw that Blizzard was releasing Overwatch and saw the gameplay trailers, I quickly realised this could be the perfect game for me as it combines a lot of what I love from the FPS and MOBA genres.During the beta weekend before release I fell in love with the game and played it non-stop to this day!

GWT: What is the reason you continue to play Overwatch?

Holiwhirl: After playing Overwatch almost every day since release, I’ve found a passion for the game and climbing the competitive ladder. As an ex DPS player, there is always something else to learn and when I’m unhappy with what I’m currently doing, I can move onto the next thing! This has lead me to being a top 500 Support player today!

GWT: Do you have any advise for other women that are up and coming streamers?

Holiwhirl: Try to focus on the positives. There can be a lot of hate thrown to anyone who puts themselves out there in the online space. Sometimes you can be attacked just for being a woman but always be sure to focus on the people who love your content and respect you because those are the people you are doing this for – not the random trolls. 

Thank you Holiwhirl for the interview.