How to become a Great Streamer (tips and tricks)

If you are looking for live streaming tips, here’s some things I have learned from “professional” streamers I have talked to.

  1. Get a face cam
  2. Get your voice on stream
  3. Interact with people watching your stream
  4. Get your friends to watch your stream (when you start out)
  5. Stream like you are putting on a show (even if no one is there)
  6. Choose a stream format (video games, asmr, just chatting, IRL, or something else)
  7. Choose your stream type (are you a variety streamer or do you always do the same thing)
  8. Be entertaining (even if it means making up a streaming persona)
  9. Get yourself out there (interact and find other streamers your size and slightly bigger this will get you friends and start your community building (networking))
  10. Get on social media (a lot of streamers post to twitter but branch out to as many sites as possible to get your stream out there).
  11. *bonus* wherever you stream from start a YouTube channel to post (well edited) clips from your stream.
  12. *MOST IMPORTANTLY* Don’t give up. (It will get hard and frustrating but don’t quit.)

Got more tips to add, comment below.