Today let’s talk about what maps could be included in Overwatch 2

So let’s get right into it. We already got 2 full playable new maps / game modes at Blizzcon 2019 for Overwatch 2 in the push map of Toronto and story map in Brazil. In some of the developer talks they discussed how the new Overwatch engine is upgraded and they will be able to do exciting new things to the maps, like new effects and larger more complex maps (like we see in Toronto preview).

They haven’t said the door is closed on making maps for Overwatch 1 but let’s assume that it is so the dev team can focus on releasing any new maps for Overwatch 2.

We already know that we will get Toronto as a new map and game mode and Brazil (Lucio’s home) as a new story mission map.

We also know that they will have to release more than just one map for a new game mode so we are already looking at the release of multiple new maps dropped at release. Which is pretty exciting!

The introduction of story missions gives us a whole new world of lore that could be infused into Overwatch just by adding things like Lucio’s recording studio and night club. And also new locations like inside of giant omnic airships!

What other maps could we see? If we pull out the very early concept maps that were released to us we see a few that have been released. But a few that could still be used.

One map that everyone has been asking for is the underwater map of Galapagos. 

The Amazon is a map that could still be in the works and could have a really cool tie into Temple of Anubis.

The IRIS (was combined with India) but could still be a really cool story mission map for Zenyatta.

Although we have a lot of maps based in the US San Joaquin could be an awesome McCree or Ashe related map.

And the Bayou would definitely be an Ashe related map and tie into the Mardi Gras themed skin we got this year.

Think for a minute the possibilities, we could go into outer space in an interdimensional space ship or even to other planets (I mean we went to the moon) or an ice cavern at the north pole or the bermuda triangle.

But there are a lot more locations in some of the comics and shorts and early artwork that could easily turn into maps. Did I miss any of the important ones on your list.


Overwatch Team acknowledges McHanzo and Pharmercy.

With the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket you have access to watch this years (2018) event happen live in November. But you also have access to all the videos from 2017.

One video I watched with my 2018 Virtual Ticket was an interview with Jeff Kaplan (Game Director of Overwatch). In the interview the hosts started discussing favorite heroes and the discussion lead to “shipping” (shipping of fictional or non-fictional people basically means they are in a “relation-ship”) of characters.

Image result for mchanzo
McCree + Hanzo = McHanzo

Jeff stated that the community is much more creative when it comes to developing characters, taking it places they (the Overwatch team #team4) would have ever thought of. He went on to acknowledge knowing of both McHanzo and PharMercy ships that are all over twitter. Seeming to laugh in approval of them both.

While it’s not an official ship from Team 4, it’s great to know that they appreciate the fandom that everyone makes for the game they have worked hard on.

Image result for pharmercy
Phara + Mercy = PharMercy

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