All you need to know about Overwatch 2 (so far)

Blizzcon will be upon us this Friday November 1st. Until that time all we can do is wonder if Blizzard Entertainment and Papa Jeff Kaplan is going to drop some fresh goodness on us the likes we’ve never seen before. October 26 and 27 was a very busy day for potential Overwatch 2 leaks. But were they leaks or something else and for that we will wait and see.

What we can do now is speculate the crap out of Overwatch 2, why you ask, because it’s fun so don’t even @ me cause lets get into what we think we know.

October 17 @metro_ow dropped a bunch of hints as to what he “heard” about Overwatch 2.

Then Saturday October 27 happened and we got Tracer 2.0

Then after that happened and we got a whole mess of tweets from everywhere including official ESPN dropping bombs on us.

What we think we know about Overwatch 2!

What we think we know about Overwatch 2!

  • It will be a new standalone game
  • It could be F2P (free to play) like Fortnite and League of Legends
  • PvE mode (this will be the new 4 player story mode)
  • PvP mode (standard ported from Overwatch 1 with a potential new game mode called push)
  • New skill tree based character system (not sure what mode it goes with yet)
  • Existing heroes get new / updated looks
  • It will feature a new game engine
  • Echo could be the first new Overwatch 2 hero
  • There will be a leveling system
  • There will be no transferring of earned loot from Overwatch to Overwatch 2

WHY Overwatch 2 tho?

This is where we get into the real speculation of things. I mean for all purposes Overwatch is working fine just keep updating the game like they said when it first came out…
So here’s a list of what we know.

  • Activision
    • Activision LOVES repackaging the same game until we all want to vomit and Overwatch has the potential of that CoD (Call of Duty) “resell-ability”.
  • Problems with LOOTBOXES!
    • Some countries have outright banned the use of in-game lootboxes and how is Overwatch supposed to continue to carry a game based on future lootbox sales if they can’t use them to make money. Lots of other games including CoD have adopted the Fortnite “BattlePass” Philosophy so expect there to be some kind of season pass option.
  • Player base.
    • Gamers get tired of playing the same game with the same events over and over you loose your once heafty player base if you crank out the same stuff but with new cosmetics. Hence Fortnite player base has been cut in half over the past few months and Chapter 2 just brings the same game with a new map?
  • Archives Missions Event
    • Blizz told us several times that Archives was there largest player “return” each year so it would only make sense to capitalize on a PvE mode.
    • Not everyone likes PvP modes this would open up a potential new player base
  • LORE
    • We have been promised more story since the game released and well ok this is just my way of saying I want more story! lol
  • Other junk-rats?
    • I’m sure there’s some other stuff like developer stuff that I’m not thinking about but I mean come on I’m a graphics and marketing guy.

Welp that’s all for now until November 1st when we see what’s up (or not up for real).

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